Finding your perfect POKER room

Online games have grown to be a part of our lives 

All people with an internet connection have played online games at least once in their lives. A good part of these online players are poker fans, playing the world's most popular card game over the internet, and many of them choose to play their favorite game at an online POKERВ room, for real money.

Suppose you are a poker fan, and decide to give real money poker a try in the new year. Where should you start? Let me give you a few hints. First of all, you have to find the online poker room that features the game of your choice. This is an easy task in case of most popular poker variants – all poker rooms feature games of texas hold'em, omaha, draw poker and stud poker, with a variety of stakes. In case of more ‘exotic' poker variants, like Soko for example (a Scandinavian version of the stud poker) finding a poker rooms is a little more tricky. If you found your candidates, there's a first round of filtering to be done – you have to check if the operator accepts players from your jurisdiction, and – of course – if you are of legal age to gamble online. In most countries the age limit is 18 years, but it may be more or less, depending on the applicable laws.

In this phase you should be down to just a few candidates – the time has come to gather some background information about the operators behind the brands. The operator's company name has to be shown on the poker room website – if it's not, I would recommend to eliminate that certain operator from the list of your candidates.

Finding your perfect POKER room down just

Look for the corporate website of the operator, and find web pages with the best poker listing to read as many user accounts about the remaining POKERВ rooms as possible. There are a bunch of independent websites about POKERВ, online poker rooms and other poker events, where you can find information about the operator you are about to trust your money to. Look for websites that contain not only positive reviews, but are impartial – these tend to be more trustworthy. Don't let yourself to be fooled by excessively aggressive user complaints – try to know all aspects of the story, and see if the issue has been solved. Some players may get overzelous in scolding operators that don't operate as they expected, even if they act exactly according to their policy.

By now you are surely down to just one or two POKERВ rooms – from here on let the bonuses and benefits decide the '˜battle'. When you have made a decision, register, play and have fun.

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