Gimme Power!

Right now we are currently running a really exciting promotion that will make your Absolute Points balances grow at incredibly faster levels! We baptized this promotion whilst the «Power Hour». Why that is so amazing? Because the more points you get the more you are able to play and redeem at all of our redemption channels like the AP Store, Tournament Buy Ins, Points for Cash Promotion (this one limited to Gold Status Players and up).

In the event that you play through the eligible hours the Power Hour promotion is running, you then will earn Double Absolute Points at the selected games featuring the «Power Hour» icon, these ones are going to be correctly identified with a «lightning» symbol at the «Buy In» sub tab. So grab a comfy seat, open the overall game application and begin playing at our internet site at multiple tables to be able to get a lot more points. I could guarantee you that you will not feel disappointed as I am certain this can be a really addictive promotion and all of you will truly appreciate it. Remember that if you want to have more information, you can go through the link below where you will find out all about the energy Hour Promotion:

Gimme Power! Power Hour

Have fun at the tables and be sure to take advantage of this exclusive promotion as much as you are able to!

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