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My ideas in my first video that i posted were to show people how i try and best use TST to find the best tables and table select well. For anyone who has watched the video they can see that didnt really go to plan. The idea of this post is to basically review the software and explain how i go about using it so it should make my next video a lot easier to watch and understand how im using it.

Ive used TST for probably what must be a nearly 2 years now and its a fantastic free program that is really easy to set up if your a beginner but once you get used to it then it becomes obvious that it has some really excellent features that you just have to use to get the best out of the program.

The first thing that you have to do is set the program up so that it can read your Database to get the stats on the players for when you run a search. From there its just a case of setting it up n a way that suits you best. It has many different layouts available so its a case of each to their own. I prefer my set up as above which makes it pretty easy to read when im running it on a smaller monitor than the one that i use at home. Once your comfortable with that all you need to do is run your Poker client and you can run a search pretty easily and then you are free to filter for different things like Vpip or% of players to the flop.

The latter is a pretty simple technique that a lot of people use that dont use software like this. This program does so much more though and filtering just for % of players to the flop you are going to miss things like that 70/10 sat on a table filled with nits or other good tables when waiting lists are long for the most desirable tables. This brings us to the first fun part which can be Scoring. TST gives you the ability to score players on a multitude of different things to help you get on the most juicy tables. As we can see in the bottom left of the picture is the Scoring box which i have used to set up scoring as i feel appropriate.Its pretty simple to understand and as we can see from mine the people who score the highest are obviously the guys playing 50%+ Vpip after 10 hands or more.

Now this is going to miss some of the obvious fish who havnt played 10 hands yet but to catch those i have also got scoring set up for people who are buying in for less than the full in. A good majority of these either tend to be those `pro` short stackers or Fish. I also run some scoring filters for regs as well but these are low scores but if the tables arnt that juicy its always nice to play against some regs who have really exploitable tendencies. So the scoring is set up and you have TST set up to bring the highest scoring tables to the very best and you have filtered out any waiting lists over 3 deep, pretty neat eh? Now you are free to hop on the waiting lists for the highest scoring tables knowing if you have your scoring set up pretty well you are getting the best of it.

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It dosnt end there though. The top left hand corner of the picture shows a fantastic feature of the program, the Auto Wait list box. So your playing away and TST is scanning the tables and it shows up a juicy table and you turn your attention to it and click the join wait list button but its taking your attention away from playing having to flick back and fourth. Obviously this can get annoying and if thats you then the Auto Wait List feature was made for you. I have mine set up so that during a scan it will auto join any waiting list that matches any of the criteria that i have set up.

At the moment im set up to join any table with a score of over 18 but i can unclick some of these so it will only join tables that score 20 or more etc. If you are using Table Ninja then this can be set up so that once you are on a certain number of tables it will not join anymore waiting lists, you can also set this up so that once you have a certain number of tables open it wont let you join anymore without prompting you. So thats pretty easy to set up but you still end up diverting attention some of the time but the good news is that TST comes with a HUD that you can use so your Table Score is on view at all your tables so that you are going to know when the tables start going bad. the good thing concerning this is you can keep your eye n it without having to change your attention all the time, the other good thing i find is that most of the time i am checking peoples stats at the tables more than i would normally so it probably helps a bit when it comes to been positionally aware especially when theres big fish at the table.

So that gives a basic over view of the program and its pretty obvious to see that it can be of good benefit and can probably gain most people a bit of an edge when it comes to table selecting. Overall i do believe its an incredible piece of kit and for now is free and it dosnt get much better than that.

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